26 January 2010


Time to harden up and get some time on the bike. Would like to go on some of the Guru's Gravel Grinders, but its hard to justify driving so much when I can just ride out the door. Maybe when they come back to this side of the metro.

So I got in an epic gravel/mud ride on the MTB this weekend. Saturday was warmer and wet so I went exploring the non-pavement in eastern Jackson and Lafayette counties--71 miles of mud splatter. Should have taken some pictures, I was definitely looking messy at the Higginsville Casey's. Listened to iTunesU the whole time so it was educational too!

Here's the route:

View Gravel Loop - Higginsville in a larger map

Looks like some "e-mudslinging" is going on too, check out http://sandbaggerkc.blogspot.com. On a related note, I got the results sheets from Andrew Coe. So for those who care about such things, I should have the Kansas City CX rankings updated through the whole 2010 season this week.

Now that it has gotten cold again, I would think the trails would be rideable. Maybe I'll try to turn some laps out at Landahl.

06 January 2010


Theoretically it is time to start getting ready to race for the 2010 season. However, we're in the middle of a cold snap that has kept snow on the road and temps well below freezing. Compound that with 10 days in Costa Rica with 90+ temps, and I am not so motivated to get out on the bicycle. Of course, I am never motivated to get on the bicycle indoors! Living in San Diego made riding at this time of year pretty easy. I'm missing that climate right about now!

Does this count for cross-training?

My goals for 2010 are under development at this point. I know at least that I'll be racing almost exclusively on the dirt this year. I didn't get into the Ouachita Challenge (but maybe I'll pick up an entry when someone cancels) so my season may kick off a couple weeks later than last year. The race calendar looks promising with multiple regional MTB race series and several local/regional endurance races. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we don't have any cancellations or postponements.

I'll be riding with support from Scott this year. I'm thankful for the assistance and look forward to riding and racing with their superior products.

One important goal for me is to help Luke Lininger have a successful last road season in the juniors. His goal races for this year are Nationals in Bend, the Tour of Red River Gorge, and the Tour de l'Abitibi in Canada. If the Soto Classic is the Worlds Qualifier in 2010, that'll be an A race too.

Look forward to seeing everyone out on the trails and roads.