Over the past twenty years, I have coached athletes to multiple State and National Championship titles in the disciplines of Road, MTB and Cyclocross. I have worked with all levels of individual racers from novice to professional and have coached collegiate, club and amateur teams.

As a professional coach, I am continually exploring the science for new advances in exercise physiology, nutrition, and training techniques. My coaching approach blends the "tried-and-true" techniques with emerging methods and technologies to help my athletes reach their potential and achieve their goals. To that end, I try to make use of any legal tool or technique that is useful. Accordingly, I rely on power and heart rate when available, but also pay special attention to each individual athlete's subjective perception of effort, fatigue and performance.

In addition to coaching, I work with my professional athletes to protect their contractual interests when negotiating with teams and sponsors.

Education & Certification
In addition to certification as a Level 1 USA Cycling Coach, I hold a Juris Doctor degree and I am licensed to practice law in Missouri (Colorado in 2014). I also hold RYT-200 certification in yoga.

As a competitor I enjoyed success winning the 1993 Collegiate Road Race, racing on the US National Team, and spending multiple seasons in Europe with over 100 career wins.

Although no longer competing at the elite level, I still occasionally race locally on the road, cyclocross, and MTB. Regular training with my athletes is an important part of my coaching process.

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