28 February 2014

Boulder Cycle Sport

One new development is that I will be the Road Ambassador / Team Leader for the Boulder Cycle Sport Racing Team. Team BCS is best known for its commitment to cyclocross. In 2014, the goal is to apply this very successful model to the road and MTB. Pete Webber will be leading the MTB team.

For more info check out:  http://www.bouldercyclesport.com/join-race-team/

We will be having a kick off meeting in mid-March, look forward to seeing you there!

Back on track for 2014

Lot's of changes since last post...

I am no longer working at FasCat Coaching, however, I continue to coach full-time as my own entity: Winkler Cycling. I enjoyed my time at FasCat and working with all my athletes, but I needed to make a few changes. I have a much clearer idea about my strengths as a coach and what "kind" of coach I want to be. Also, I needed a little free time to tackle a few side projects.

In 2014, I am committed to keep this blog current with posts related to coaching and bicycle racing. I'll probably minimize postings about my own training and racing. However, I will have to post a race report on Dirty Kanza this year. That should be quite the adventure!