12 November 2009

Tweaking the KC Cross Rankings

I have been working on developing a new algorithm for calculating the KC Cross Rankings. I am doing this because:

1. Crossresults's points are generated at the end of the week (rather than Mon or Tue)
2. Crossresults.com is more susceptible to errors than a local system will be
3. I have some different ideas about how to calculate the points

I need your help. On this site you'll see the output of a couple different algorithms I am working on. I'd appreciate any comments you could offer about which ranking list better reflects reality. I am sure there will be different opinions, but I'd like to see some opinions from people who race in the categories I am less familiar with.

Please leave your comments on this post.

The URL: http://sites.google.com/site/kcrankingsdev/home


  1. either way is jacked! Marshall is ranked way too high on both.

    is there an algorithm that calculates in remedial racing?

    Again, thanks for taking on this project, Wink


  2. Marshall ranked too high? Maybe the algorithm has provisions and adjusts for one's stature within the community :-)

  3. For the 4's list A seems more accurate. Though a lot of those guys at the top have upgraded to 3 already.