15 December 2009

CX Nationals 2009 in Bend

Although Bend is kind of a pain to get to, it turned out to be a great trip. Got to see some old friends in Portland and Bend. KCCX was a well-oiled machine thanks to Bill, Tom & Dean.

Saturday I rode the Masters 40-44 race. I had a front row starting position, so I would have no excuses if I didn't get a good start. I rode okay, I was running 7-9th most of the race. With a little more punch and I could have ridden up to probably 5th. On the last lap, the officials let way too many lapped riders continue and I ended up getting taken down and slipped back to 11th at the finish. Without the interference I am pretty sure I would have finished 9th. I just realized this morning that if I had finished 9th I'd have a guaranteed front row next year, arrgh! C'est la vie.

Started, but didn't finish the Elite race. I rode a few laps and got taken down multiple times. I banged up my hand pretty good and could not hold the bar and brake too well. I was really unimpressed with the quality of riding in the bottom half of the field. I don't recall it being so bad in 2007 or 2008.

So I think that pretty much wraps up my cyclocross season for this year. A big thanks to KCCX and all the sponsors: Scott USA, Maxxis, Challenge, Verge, SRAM, Outlaw Earth, Serfas, TRP, Easton. Another big thanks to Tom Price for wrenching this year, and to Dean Parker for helping out with the Nationals trip. And last, but not least, props to Bill Marshall for making everything happen.

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