15 April 2010

Smithville Trail Recon

The trails are in primo condition right now!

The course map is up (here) and it is listed as 11.5 miles. I got a couple laps in and it was good. I am pretty sure I rode the course correctly, with the exception of the bits around the start/finish. Here is Chris' Garmin info from his ride last night. As you can see there is not much elevation change out there, but it is pretty twisty and speeds don't get too high. All in all it flows nice and will be a great race, if we don't get too much rain tonight.

Although the course is pretty smooth, with the exception of a couple rocky sections, I'll be out there on my Scott Genius with 150mm of travel. I'm sure I'll be loving that cushy feeling 6hrs in!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days.

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