15 November 2010

Grand Prix HPT & De Stad Cup

This was a tough weekend, two hard courses and weak legs/body. It is not hard to tell that the legs aren't feeling good, but it is hard to figure out why. I've got a few ideas and I'll try to sort them out over the next few weeks.

Saturday night's race was pretty crazy. The mud was off the hook, especially for the earlier races. I had big time accumulation problems and couldn't seem to ride some sections where everyone else was. I managed 3rd, but it was mostly a gift. A few guys had mechanical issues and I was able to ride through to the finish. The coolest part of the night was Luke getting 2nd. He seemed to be floating through the mud and not having any accumulation issues. Must be nice!!

Sunday was another tough course. It was definitely a power & fitness course. I would have enjoyed it much more about a month ago! As it was I kind of limped my way around. I was able to hold steady behind Andrew for most of the race. I finished up 2nd, but may have ended up 3rd if Brian Jensen didn't have his chain fall off a few times.

I ended up riding the Challenge Grifo XS tires in both races. I am definitely exploring the performance envelope for file treads! Next stop Jingle Cross, will I have to run Grifos or Fangos? We'll have to see what the weather holds...

Thanks to Jeff Unruh & Chris Locke (and everyone who helped them) for providing this weekend's suffering...

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