06 November 2011

Coaching Services

I am now offering coaching services related to many aspects of road, MTB and cyclocross training and racing. If you'd like some help with your CX training and racing, or are wondering what the best thing to do this off-season, I'd love to help.

Advice available in the following areas:

  • training plan development
  • evaluation of existing training plan
  • evaluation of performance testing results
  • strength/weakness identification
  • goal setting
  • race season planning
  • race tactics and strategy
  • bike fit/positioning
  • injury prevention/recovery
  • off-bike/cross training
  • diet, nutrition and on-bike fueling

Consultations can be conducted in-person or by telephone, email, or skype. Depending on availability, we can "meet" on the bike or at a race, too.

Coaching is available on an hourly basis at a rate of $60.00/hour. For ease of use, I am using PayPal for transactions. Other payment plans can be worked out if you'd prefer to not use PayPal.

Please contact me at 816-200-2188.

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