14 January 2011

Fun in the Sun

We've now been here the better part of two weeks. Unfortunately, we both caught a cold in the first week so we've been taking it a little easy so far. We start our days waking up with the sun, brewing some tea and coffee and then lazily reading and spending some time online. Once we feel better we'll probably be doing some surfing or yoga, or both in the morning.

Before lunch we usually hit the beach for some walking and swimming. Our tans are coming along nicely, we should be a nice golden brown very soon! By midday it gets pretty warm so we head to the casita for some lunch followed by more reading or napping.

At sunset the whole community convenes on the beach to say adios to the sun. Its a pretty cool ritual, and the sunsets can be fantastic.

Yesterday I was feeling better so I went for a little run. I think this will probably be my aerobic outlet; I need something our I might bloat up from too many Imperials (beer). Running on the dirt roads is nice and there are some hills about.

Looks like we will have a couple of beach cruisers starting this weekend so we'll have a little mobility since we returned the rental car. We'll put these to good use for runs to the grocery store in Nosara (about 2-3 miles away) or Esperanza (1 mile).

We've been watching the weather in KC...ouch! Let's just say we're not regretting our choice to head south for the winter...

We have anticipated some struggle with adjusting to the slowed pace of life and/or having few "things" to do to fill the day. As Americans, I think we have become conditioned to being frantically busy all the time. As of yet we seem to be doing okay. Of course, we were both sick this last week, which makes it a little easier to do nothing. We've spent lot of time reading, thank you for electronic books or we would be sure to run out things to read in a few weeks. Fortuitously, we have a guitar hanging on the wall of our casita, so maybe I'll finally start to learn how to play! I've had one day where I was a little anxious and wanted to be doing "something"; but most days have been great and just seem to fly by.

That's all I've got for now....


  1. You definitely made the right choice this winter with the cold! Sounds like it's a relaxing and fun time. I totally agree that doing nothing seems very countercultural to most Americans, but it sure does feel good once you can turn that work instinct off. Hope you guys get feeling better soon and enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. i want daily surf reports! if you aren't racing and giving me cx/mtb reports then you need to quit laying around and go catch some waves:) I also need your wife to take pics of those waves and barrels you are gonna be on as well. Tilfords blog is not enough here Jeff. I am counting on you to live the 'surf bums' life for me...heres' to great sunsets, 6-8 foot swells and to the perfect tube and barrel rides!