16 October 2009

Call Up Procedure Proposal

I have a proposal for how we do Call Ups for all local races. Comments are welcome.

Here it is:

Step 1: Maintain a list of all racers who have ridden in local races during the current season. This would need to be done for every category that has more than 8 riders on a regular basis. This is simple enough, just maintain a spreadsheet for each category and make sure it is updated weekly.

Step 2: Run the category lists through the Seed Racers function at crossresults.com

Step 3: Post the "Call Up List" for each category. Riders and officials use this list to call up the first one or two rows.

There is no reason why this couldn't be done and could probably be largely automated. I volunteer to help get this done if the promoters & officials sign on.

The obvious issue is that not all riders on the list will show up to a particular race. However, this can either be ignored---names are called until the first two rows are full, or the officials can cross names off the Call Up List during registration/roll call. This might add a few minutes to the start procedure, but it doesn't seem like it would be too much.

I also propose that we do some test runs on a limited basis.

Here's the "Call Up List" for the Open (P/1/2/3/4) field as of October 11:

1 Steve Tilford
2 Brian Jensen
3 Nathan Rice
4 Joseph Schmalz
5 Jonathan Schottler
6 Shadd Smith
7 William Stolte
8 Jeff Winkler
9 Cameron Chambers
10 Joshua Johnson
11 Chris Wallace
12 Shad Schreiner
13 Troy Krause
14 Nate Woodman
15 Andrew Coe
16 Thomas Price
17 Adam Mills
18 Jay Strothman
19 Mark Studnicki
20 Mark Nagy
21 Scott Dunsmuir
22 William Gault
23 Tim Kakouris
24 Tige Lamb
25 Devin Clark
26 Kevin Wilkins
27 Nicholas Coil
28 Bill Marshall
29 Aaron Elwell
30 Scott Ogilvie
31 Douglas Plumer
32 Alex Grman
33 Ethan Froese
34 Alex Edwards
35 Joseph Fox
36 Jeff Yielding
37 Casey Saunders
38 Michael Gaherty
39 Shea Bergman
40 John Giles
41 Britton Kusiak
42 Randall Crist
43 Benn Stover
44 Mark Smelser
45 Matt Gilhousen
46 Austin Elser
47 Luke Lininger
48 Mark Cole
49 Eric Struckhoff
50 Robert Cummings
51 Elliot Usher
52 Kenneth Harkin
53 Jason Ozenburger
54 Matt Bougher
55 Theodore Fleming



  1. capital idea-

    Andrew would be on board to help too, since he submits the local results to crossresults.com

  2. What's a spreadsheet?

    I suck look how far Down I am. I immediately have to protest! I get a sweet call up already for doing nothing but sucking.

    all joking aside we should use Crossresults.com. But the hard part would be getting the East coast side of MO to start using Categories to really make crossresults.com work right

  3. @ScottyD

    Re: St. Louis folks

    I'm not sure the categories really matter. If they upload their results, crossresults.com should still figure out the correct points to assign because it relies on the Carried Points of the riders in the race. It does some figuring to find the Quality and Depth of the field based on the rider in the group.

    The only twist would be to figure out how to prepare the seeding lists so any rider that could pop up in a particular category could be easily located for seeding purposes.

    I think its doable, just need to write up some script to run at registration.

  4. Just to let you know the officials want no part in call ups. It will have to be up to the promotors. Not sure what the hang up is but, I was told at both our races that they would not do call ups.

  5. Jeff - This is a great idea. Let me know what I can do to help out. I've got all of our local results in .csv format, so if you are interested in building a database I can send them

    BTW, Mike @ Big Shark is going to start sending me the StL results, so those guys should have crossresults.com points as well for seeding.

  6. Andrew that's awesome you got the East coast to contribute their results in .csv format. Jeff If I can help out shoot me an email. I have some computer skills & have access to a lot of people with DB knowledge.

  7. How in hell am I ranked so low? Jensen, Stolte, Winkler? Those guys sucks!!!! At least I am a head of Marshall.

  8. No kidding, you should email crossresults.com and tell 'em guys ranked better than you "suck," maybe they'll put asterisks next to our names ;-)

    Actually, your problem is that your score is getting jacked up by another guy with your name.