05 October 2009

Chris Cross course rumors...

My inside source says we'll be enjoying what might be a somewhat Euro/UCI-ish course next weekend. There are apparently a lot of longer straightaways and only a couple of discrete tight, technical sections. The brick road section that was broken into two separate parts last year will be in one monster section this year. I'm thinking its a good course for Brian Jensen!

In any case, its good to have a variety of courses, from the ultra-tight & technical Swope to perhaps a wide-open St. Mary's course. Looking forward to it!


  1. I don't know who told you the course was wide-open. Have you seen the map? It has something for everyone with plenty of variety, corners and technical sections. And yea, it does have nice long section of cobbles, but that don't make it a roadie UCI course.

  2. No need to get defensive!

    I think I said it was "perhaps a wide-open" course and "somewhat Euro/UCI-ish." Looking at the map, I'd say it looks considerably less twisty than the last two weekends. Also, I don't think I used the word "roadie" anywhere.

  3. Blog wars!

    the map I am looking at shows a red line. Not sure what that means.

    All I know is that w/out the spiral of puke/doom and the monster Tonka Truck dirt mound it cuts down the perceived amount of twistys.

    whether that is the case or not will remain a mystery until Sunday.

    Variety (real or imagined) of courses week to week is a great thing for us.

    @Chris- stop scouring blogs and get some sleep! ;-)

    Peace and Espresso,

  4. No Blog wars here. I am sure Jeff knows I am just kidding.

    This weather is going to change things up for sure. We will see who the fair weather crosser are this weekend.

    My Single Speed setup is looking sweet right about now.

  5. Maybe we'll actually have 'cross weather for a 'cross race this weekend for a change! We're due for a real weather challenge. I'd personally like to see something that would make a Portland local say "oh $$%#%#%, they raced in that $%$#%$# ?". If it doesn't race, maybe Chris can a long hose and some sprinkers setup :-)