27 October 2009

Kansas City Cyclocross Rankings

For the last couple of weeks I've been working to extract data from www.crossresults.com to create a local area ranking system. The hope is that promoters will start to rely on the rankings for call-ups during local races.

I also plan to incorporate St. Louis' results from the Bubba Series. Hopefully this will stoke the flames of some cross-state rivalries.

Check it out: http://sites.google.com/site/kccrossrankings/home

There are some issues with crossresults.com points, so if you think your points are all wrong take a look at crossresults.com and look to see if you are sharing points with another racer with the same name. The guys running crossresults.com are pretty responsive , so if you see an issue let them know and they'll probably fix it pretty quick.


  1. two 2nds and four 1sts in Masters races and i'm still #2 :-)

  2. That highlights the disconnect between a "ranking" system and a "point" system. Clearly, you would be leading the latter, but because I started at least one Masters race I am included in the ranking list.

    This issue raises a bunch of questions:

    1. Should a rider be pulled from a particular ranking list if he isn't racing that category any more (or regularly).

    2. Should ALL 35+ riders be included in the 35+ ranking, even if they have never raced the category?

    Ultimately, the best "ranking" system and the best "call up" system may not be the same thing. This will even be more true once I include the rest of Missouri in the "rankings." I'll probably have to maintain separate lists for the rankings and the call-ups.